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      My name is Josue Baltazar (JB). I have been in the lawncare and landscaping business for over 10 years. While I worked in lawncare and landscaping, I also managed two restaurants over 10 years. Then the pandemic came along and restaurants were shut down. I had my few accounts for my business to help me get by for the moment. As we started to promote and get my name out there, business started growing and fast. I decided not to go back to the restaurant business and see where it would go. I had more time with my family and was able to enjoy life more. I enjoy the work that I do and being able to work with so many amazing people.  It is great working one on one with people and creating something for them that they had envisioned and making it come to life for them. 


       My journey has been quite rewarding, meeting new people and families. My commitment is to the community, to bring visions to life and at a reasonable price. I believe communication is key to everything. I always ensure that I am available to people when they need me, whether to go over there plans for a project, to change the project, or simply to set there mind at ease for any concerns they might have. I am so happy and grateful I have such a great support system within my family and community that has made my business successful and continuously growing.


Let’s Work Together

7621 Park Ave

Richfield, MN 55423

Tel: 612-423-6779

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